Khulna Engineering College

As Khulna Engineering College, this institution commenced its academic journey on June 03, 1974.
As Khulna Engineering College, this institution commenced its academic journey on June 03, 1974, welcoming 120 students and 9 teachers. Initially, it housed three departments: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, each with an initial enrollment of 40 students. Only one female student was enrolled in the 1st batch initially, but later another female student was transferred, bringing the total to 136 students. After two years, the student intake for each department increased to 60 and remained so for an extended period. Initially, only one hostel, now known as Fazlul Haque Hall, existed, and there was no canteen available.

Subsequently, a makeshift canteen was set up at the Boiler House of the Mechanical Engineering Department. During this period, the construction of administrative, library, and residential buildings for teachers, officers, and staff was nearly finished. Initially, there were no paved roads on campus, nor any direct connection to the Khulna-Jessore Highway. The existing road was first constructed in 1978. While academic activities commenced, there were no laboratories, so the practical classes for the 1st year of the Mechanical Engineering Department took place at BUET, and for the 2nd year at Rajshahi Engineering College. Practical classes for the Civil Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering Departments were held on campus. At the start of the academic session, no officers were assigned to the Engineering College. There were only 10 third-class staff and 3 fourth-class staff members. Construction proceeded according to the original plan, including the erection of four hostels for male students, but none for female students. Female students resided on the first floor of the current primary school building. The shortage of teachers during this period made meeting student needs challenging. With no experienced teachers, the authority struggled to maintain educational standards. Ultimately, a total of 715 students (1974-1986) obtained B. Sc. Engineering Degrees from Khulna Engineering College. Despite initial constraints, the graduating students showcased excellence both domestically and internationally, thanks to their merit, quality, and wisdom.

During the tenure of KEC, Professor Dr. M. N. Azam (1969-1972) and Dr. Samsuddin Ahmed (1972-1973) served as Project Directors, while Professor Haider Azam (1973-1974) was the inaugural Principal. Following him, Professor Dr. Abul Kalam Azad (1974-1979 and 1980-1982) and Professor M. A. Hannan (1979-1980 and 1982-1986) assumed the role of Principals at Khulna Engineering College.

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